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Phoenix - Basic

Phoenix - Pro

Phoenix - Advanced

Patient information using Q/R, DMWL, Manual

Image Acquisition

Scan Documents, Twain Compliant Cameras

Non-DICOM Digital Data Formats (BMP,TIFF,JPEG,WMV,AVI)

Film using VIDAR

Single Frame and Multi Frame using Standard Image Grabber Cards

Single Frame and Multi Frame using Non-Standard Image Grabber Cards

Import & Edit DICOM CD/DVDs

  • Product Setup
    • DICOM Device Management
    • DICOM Services Management
    • Addition of Scanners
    • Transfer Syntax Management
    • Image Grabber Settings for Non-DICOM Devices
  • Patient Demography & Study Details through DICOM Q/R, DMWL or Manual Entry
  • Scan Documents and Films using Twain Scanners and VIDAR for DICOM Conversion
  • Supports the following digital formats for DICOM Conversion
    • More formats constantly added
  • Comprehensive tool set for Image Manipulation & Annotation
  • Import, edit DICOM CDs/DVDs and push to PACS
  • DICOM header editing features
  • Frame Grabber based acquisition of Single Frame and Multi Frame Image Data from Non-DICOM Devices

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