A powerful workstation solution designed to work with DICOM and Non-DICOM images from different modalities and ensuring efficient storage, diagnosis, sharing, and distribution of medical images.
  • Phoenix provides comprehensive patient data management that helps capture patient demographics and study details directly or facilitates automatic transfer of patient and study information through DICOM..
  • Patient Demography & Study Details can be added through DICOM Q/R, Modality worklists or Manual Entry.
  • Enables direct transfer of images from DICOM machines. Captures single frames and sequences from non-DICOM machines through frame grabber cards and converts them to DICOM.
  • It can scan documents and films using Twain Scanners and VIDAR for DICOM Conversion.
  • Any of the following file formats – JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, AVI, WMV can be imported and converted into DICOM. It also permits editing of DICOM header data.
  • It can also Import DICOM CD/DVD’s into your PACS network.
  • Once captured, the software provides powerful tools for viewing and analyzing the images. It provides tools for standard image processing, measuring and annotating images that allow marking important areas.
  • The software also has an option to write selected images to a DVD.

Key benefits of integrating with Phoenix

Seamless integration
Seamlessly integrate all imaging modalities, DICOM or Non-DICOM in a PACS network thereby integrating all devices for a streamlined workflow.
Complete distribution solution
A simple digitizing solution that helps with patient records, handles all kinds of images, films, documents etc and helps with distribution.
Support for external scanners
Seamlessly integrates new scanners and devices into your imaging infrastructure.

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