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  • We purchased the software 3 years ago it is working very well in our clinic we send all our images ( we have 16 slices CT and Xray machine ) to the pac system running Radion software on it the software interface is very friendly and easy to use, the company keeping the software updated with newer version of windows adding more features to it. for technical support our system had a hardware issue and we had to replace it. I contacted Mohan after we got a new computer and had the software redone on less than one hour. Thank you guys we appreciate your help

    Very affordable software, very recommended

    – Hazim Okasha, IT, Family Medical Specialty Clinic
    Jackson, Kentucky 41339.

  • We are a mobile ultrasound and nuclear image provider. With our wide base of clients and range of equipment, implementation of the Radion Workstation into our work flow is a critical part of our service to several customers. Radion is easy to use AND reliable.

    – David Look, Chief Information Officer,
    Diagnostic Health Services, Addison, TX 75001

  • I have been extremely satisfied with both the level of attention received from both the team in India as well as the team now located in the USA office. When problems arise they are dealt with in a quick manner or there is some indication as to a timeline, though I have experienced very few problems. Keep up the excellent work on a wonderful product.

    – Daniel E. Cronk, PACS Admin,
    U of MN, Vet Hospital

  • Edge PACS has proven to be as powerful as PACS systems costing 10 times as much. The ability to access the system through a diagnostic quality web based viewer has allowed us to read our studies from anywhere in the world.

    Ashvatech has stood behind their product. Their engineers have worked closely with us to customize the system to our specific needs. This type of close relationship cannot be found with other large PACS companies. We look forward to a long relationship with this company.

    – Dr. Patel, Radiology Associates of Northern Indiana, Indiana

  • This EDGE PACS software is so easy to use, all the techs love it! Being able to burn CD's so quickly and having all of the images for patients in one location is such a timesaver. It is what we have been looking for.

    – Travis, Assistant Manager, Veterinary Technician
    Blue Sky Animal Hospital, MN

  • Using the magnification tool of the EdgePACS viewer, I was quickly able to detect a non displaced fracture that was not palpable and not immediately recognizable on the CR viewer.

    – Dr. Jeff Johnson, DVM
    Blue Sky Animal Hospital,MN

  • We have used Phoenix Digitizing software at our facility for several years without any problems. The product is simple to use and very reliable. I would recommend it to anyone that has a high volume of films to digitize on a regular basis.

    – Brett Guthrie RT(R) PACS Administrator,
    North Fulton Hospital

  • We're using the image management software iMagic from Ashva Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This software is very easy to operate and has advanced features that help us generate our daily reports of Ultrasound scans. The service from Ashva is very good and the software is very sturdy and reliable.

    – Dr.Umesh K., MD.DMRD.,
    Consultant Radiologist & Sonologist.

  • Ashva Technologies have installed their image management software iMagic with our SEQUOIA machine. All features built-in with this software are flexible and comfortable for our DICOM and Non DICOM operations. We are satisfied with the support and modifications provided by Ashva and strongly suggest iMagic as a part of your DICOM or Non DICOM Ultrasound / Color Doppler Machine.

    – Dr. Vikas Kohli, MD, FAAP, FACC
    Senior Consultant Pediatric Cardiology.

  • We are using iMagic, image management software from Ashva Technologies, Chennai, in our Siemens G-50 Ultrasound color Doppler machine for past 1 year. We have found the software very user friendly, sturdy, reliable and effective and serves us very well for our daily workflow. The service support from the company is very fast, good and efficient.

    – Dr. Iravatham S. Ramesh, Director

  • I am using Ashva Technologies iMagic as image management solution integrated with siemens modalities in my centre. And I am very happy about the product.

    – Dr. Balachandran, MBBS,
    Managing Director, Ernakulam Scan Centre

  • We have been using Ashva's iMagic software for our SIEMENS ACCUSON COLOR DOPPLER Machine. The product is very good, easy to use and very sturdy. The company's after-sales service is also very good.

    – H.M. Venkatappa,
    Managing Director, Kanva Diagnostic Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • We have installed a image management software called iMagic from Ashva Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai. We are using the software for quite a long time and it has served us very well. It has got the sophisticated features and very well useful to our daily workflow. The service is very well taken care and the software is very reliable.

    – Medi CT Scan & Diagnostics

  • We're satisfied with the iMagic software from Ashva because it's very easy to operate. One of its advanced features includes the Automatic Image Storage in date-wise folders, which helps us review images at the end of the day. The software also has other modules like key image comparison, and we can export important images to PowerPoint presentations for conferences. The service support is excellent.

    – Padmashree Diagnostics, Bangalore

  • We have installed a image management solution called iMagic from M/S. Ashva Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai. We are very happy about this software as it caters to our daily day to day needs for reporting and image storage of the scans done on Ultrasound machine. It also has some good features like cineloop, report page with images option and many more. The support for, the company is excellent and the support in very fast they have the unique way of giving the service support via the internet so that work of ours does not suffer.

    – Dr. Prabhavathi, DMRD, DNB

  • This is to inform that M/S. Ashva Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has installed their image management software, iMagic in our centre in Bangalore. The software is very user friendly and has got very good features. The clarity of the images are also very good. The service support from the company is also very excellent. We are using the software for quite a long time without any problem. iMagic has made our daily work very easy and our patient throughput has also increased quite a lot.

    – Dr. Nandakumar

  • This to certify that, I am using image management solutions from M/S. Ashva Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the product is called iMagic, for Siemens Color Doppler G-50. The product is very good, easy to operate; the software is single scan based and user friendly. The resolutions are very good. The service given by the company is fast, they give online service which saves time for both company & me. Overall I am happy with the product, service & the company.

    – Dr. N. Chandra Prakash, BSc, MBBS, DMRD,
    Nandi Scanning Centre & Hospital

  • We use RADiON software from Ashva in our Imaging Institute for networking and remote reporting, including wireless connections on laptop. The software is integrated with SIEMENS MAGNETOM C! (0.35 T OPEN MRI) and SIEMENS EMOTION (Advanced Single Slice Spiral CT). Our Ultrasound system uses iMagic from the same company, and recommend these softwares to other Imaging Institutes.

    – Dr. Amel Anthony, MD, DNB, MNAMS,
    Consultant Radiologist, Institute of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

  • Before we installed our PACS, we used to destroy a number of images due to storage constraints. But now, we can store all the data on our server and access them even after one month.

    – Dr. B.M. Mahesh, Consultant Radiologist,
    Vikram Hospital, Mysore

  • Since IMAGE-iT is Web-based, any doctor in the hospital can view images of his patient's scans whenever he wants, without having to visit the lab and hunt down films.

    – Dr. S.N. Rajeshwar, Chief Radiologist,
    Vikram Hospital, Mysore.


    Ashva through its partners has installed 3 more TITUS solutions in India at 2 hospital locations in Mumbai & Chennai. This brings the total worldwide TITUS installed base to 150. TITUS interfaces with media CD publishing systems like RIMAGE & PRIMERA to create Dicom CDs for distribution to patients & referral doctors. With customizable labelling options TITUS is the most versatile and cost effective DIcom publishing solution available in the market.

    (February 9, 2013)


    Edge PACS has been successfully installed recently at one of the well known government hospital in UAE by our partner Intuit Technologies. Installed PACS server has the capacity of 16TB. 30 different modalities have been connected to send studies to PACS. Ashva PACS will be used by 27 Radiology users and 5 Radiologists. It's a complete installation and users are expected to use all the features of PACS including DICOM printing, CD Burning, Routing functions. Department expect to do at least 100,000 studies a year. Facility will be up and running soon, which will give Ashva a well established status in the Gulf region and more expected soon.

    (December 1, 2012)