Introducing Titus, the cutting-edge DICOM Media Distributor designed to seamlessly interact with disc publishing systems like RIMAGE and Primera, offering you a comprehensive CD distribution solution.
  • Titus provides comprehensive DICOM receive and store services, allowing for efficient and secure storage of medical data.
  • Titus supports multiple Application Entity (AE) titles with options for such as Store only, Store and publish on CD/DVD, anonymize and publish on CD/DVD.
  • Titus supports writing of media containing multiple studies or studies of multiple patients..
  • The drag and drop functionality simplifies the process of adding images to the report thereby facilitating comprehensive easy reporting in predefined layouts.
  • It includes an auto-run Lite player on the disc, simplifying viewing of the DICOM files on distributed media.
  • You can customize and personalize your CD/DVD labels with the Titus’s labeling module. Essential information, including patient details, facility branding, and study identifiers can also be added.
  • Titus also has the option to archive locally
  • Titus seamlessly writes to all models of Rimage and Primera publishers, providing compatibility and versatility to meet your specific CD/DVD publishing needs.

Key benefits of integrating with TITUS

Easy interfacing
Titus offers a hardware-independent interface, seamlessly integrating with leading media publishing systems.
Easy of access
Creating CDs or DVDs becomes a breeze, regardless of your location within the enterprise.
Improved data distribution
The system allows you to distribute medical data electronically, reducing the reliance on traditional film-based methods.

Simplify your DICOM media distribution and optimize your workflow with our media distribution solution, TITUS

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