A fast, secure, and reliable router that can seamlessly transfer medical images and data between different compliant devices

  • Routing of studies to a selected DICOM node for each study based on predefined rules or criteria, such as Study type, Modality, Patient information or Destination node.
  • Ability to query another DICOM node and retrieve studies based on various parameters such as Patient ID, Study date, Study description and more.
  • A healthcare facility can define its own routing logic based on its specific needs thereby enabling routing of studies to different destinations based on the defined criteria.
  • It also provides configurable settings for all its features such as DICOM nodes, logging etc.
  • The software can write selected studies to a CD/DVD.
  • Additionally, it offers an additional option to add a light viewer to DVD, allowing studies to be reviewed directly from the DVD without the need for specialized viewing software.
  • Promiscuous mode allows the router to accept and forward studies from any DICOM node, regardless of the source, which can be useful for consolidating studies from multiple sources.
  • Patient ID and name reconciliation helps to ensure accurate patient identification by reconciling patient IDs and names from different sources, reducing the risk of duplicate or mismatched patient records
  • Key benefits of integrating with the EDGE DICOM Router

    Enhanced Routing with flexible and easy-to-define rules
    This allows healthcare organizations to efficiently manage the transfer of medical images and data between different compliant devices and systems, ensuring that studies are routed to the intended DICOM nodes with precision and accuracy.
    Improved Efficiency
    Studies can be automatically routed based on various parameters such as study type, modality, patient information, and more. This helps reduce manual intervention, eliminates errors, and saves time, resulting in improved operational efficiency and productivity.
    Data Privacy and Security
    With TLS option provided, the router ensures secure communication between DICOM nodes, protecting sensitive patient information during transit. Additionally, operating in promiscuous mode and offering patient ID and name reconciliation features help prevent data breaches and ensure accurate patient identification, maintaining compliance with data protection regulations such as HIPAA.
    Affordable Pricing
    The router comes at an affordable cost. This makes it a cost-effective solution for healthcare providers who are looking to enhance their medical image exchange process without breaking their budget

    Unleash the Power of Medical Image Exchange and improve your Medical Image Management and boost your operational efficiency with the EDGE DICOM Router.

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