Welcome to Stream, our powerful worklist generator with seamless HL7 integration capabilities. Stream empowers radiology departments to efficiently prioritize, assign, and track worklists, ensuring optimal resource utilization and enhanced patient care.
  • The Stream worklist generator accepts data from the HIS/RIS system via the HL7 engine and utilizes this data to create modality worklists.
  • The HL7 engine extracts HL7 messages from the HIS/RIS and transforms it into a format that can be understood and utilized by the worklist generator.
  • The modality worklists serve as a consolidated queue of the studies to be performed. Each modality can do a DICOM Query-Retrieve to the Stream application to get the relevant studies.
  • The HL7 receiver or the interface engine is a standalone service that runs in the background and manages incoming HL7 messages, thereby acting as a mediator, extracting and transforming data from the HIS/RIS and providing it to the worklist generator.
  • The drag and drop functionality simplifies the process of adding images to the report thereby facilitating comprehensive easy reporting in predefined layouts.
  • A HL7 Message field map interface is provided to view and edit the standard HL7 messages. These maps establish a common understanding of the data elements and their mapping between the source and target systems.
  • A detailed log is also generated to check the status of the receiver and the connections.
  • Patient records can be populated manually too.
  • Multiple studies can be added for each patient. Users can select from an existing list of Modalities, Body part, Referring Physician, Location etc. Each of this being further configurable from a settings module.
  • Search options are also provided to find the required Patient and Study record in the list based on a few search parameters.
  • This administrator module allows addition and editing of remote DICOM AEs. Detailed logging helps verify the DICOM connections for the AEs added.

Key benefits of integrating with STREAM

Workflow streamlining
Automate the generation of modality worklists, reducing manual effort thereby streamlining the imaging workflow.
Integration of HIS/RIS systems
Receive HL7 messages in near real-time, allowing for immediate availability of updated patient and study information..
Improves Efficiency
Eliminate data entry duplication and reduce errors through automated data exchange and validation checks.

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