Welcome to the future of medical imaging. With EDGEPACS, you’ll discover a complete ecosystem that seamlessly integrates DICOM modalities, simplifies workflows, enhances collaboration, and ensures efficient storage, diagnosis, sharing, and distribution of medical images.
  • EDGEPACS provides comprehensive patient data management that helps capture patient demographics and study details directly or facilitates automatic transfer of patient and study information through DICOM..
  • It also generates worklists for various modalities.
  • It provides flexible search options using patient data or using study data.
  • Enables direct transfer of images from DICOM machines. Captures single frames and sequences from non-DICOM machines through frame grabber cards and converts them to DICOM.
  • The Routing component provides for an intelligent rule based system to route study and image data to other workstations or PACS systems.
  • The EDGEPACS server stores all image data and provides DICOM query support to requests from other workstations or PACS systems on the LAN.
  • The Archival module supports multiple storage options and allows for storage independent of media. It can be configured for various archival solutions like DAS, NAS, RAID, SAN and Tape.
  • Once captured, the software provides powerful tools for viewing and analyzing the images. It provides tools for standard image processing, measuring and annotating images that allow marking important areas.
  • EDGEPACS supports teleradiology through its integrated Web Server and Web-based Viewer. Radiologists in remote locations can now connect to the EDGEPACS server through a secure Web based interface for viewing all patient data.
  • Flexible and customizable report templates enable easy reporting. Multiple report templates are provided for each study. Additionally user-defined templates can be created.
  • The drag and drop functionality simplifies the process of adding images to the report thereby facilitating comprehensive easy reporting in predefined layouts.
  • The software provides the option to write selected studies to a CD/DVD. Additionally, it offers an additional option to write a light viewer to DVD, allowing studies to be reviewed directly from the DVD.
  • Data can also be pushed to DICOM Printers or can be printed in any other Windows based printer.

Key benefits of integrating with EDGEPACS

Seamless integration
Seamlessly integrate all imaging modalities, reducing manual intervention and enhancing data accuracy for streamlined workflows. It provides DICOM services, Database management, Device management, Routing functions, Archive management, Modality worklist management, Reconciliation lists and many other features that are needed in any PACS setup
Complete distribution solution
An all-in-one server that helps with patient records, image management, reporting and distribution. It can be used for receiving and storing digital images and data from various modalities (including CT, MR, US, RF units, CR, DR) and other secondary capture devices, scanners and imaging gateways .
Improved Communication
Enhance communication with referring physicians through customizable reports and easy-to-use CD writing options and teleradiology integration.

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